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BMS Tropical Update Sept 2nd 10 am CDT

By: - September 2nd, 2019

Miles Still Matter As you read this insight this morning, think about the following fact:  a Category 5 Hurricane Dorian, with winds of 165 mph, is stalled just 120 miles east of a population of around 4.6 million people.  If you have ever had doubt that a storm capable of […]

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BMS Tropical Update Sept 1st 10 am CDT

By: - September 1st, 2019

Miles Will Matter Hurricane Dorian is a marvel of nature.  Below is a one-minute satellite image of Dorian as the sun rose this morning.  Dorian has maintained a circular and symmetrical eyewall throughout the day and night, and reconnaissance aircraft data has continuously supported a high-end Category 4 storm with […]

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BMS Tropical Update August 31st 9 am CDT

By: - August 31st, 2019

As expected, Dorian is currently a healthy Category 4 hurricane about 445 miles east of West Palm Beach, Florida.  I would expect Dorain to track toward the northern Bahamas today and it would not surprise me if for a brief period it reaches the status of a Category 5 hurricane.  […]

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BMS Tropical Update August 30th – 9 am CDT

By: - August 30th, 2019

There has been no significant change since yesterday to the overall favorable environment for further intensification between now and Sunday. Moisture availability will steadily increase, shear will remain in the range that may help ventilate a hurricane, and ocean heat content is robust along the full track and highest in […]

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BMS Tropical Update 8/29/2019 – 9 AM CDT

By: - August 29th, 2019

Forecast Uncertainty and Verification Let’s for a minute take a step back and think about when Dorian first became a tropical storm 725 miles southeast of Barbados.  At that time the long-range five-day forecast from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) suggested Dorian would track over the Dominican Republic.  As the […]

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All Eyes On Dorian As The Holiday Weekend Approaches

By: - August 28th, 2019

With the peak of hurricane season just 12 days away, the tropical Atlantic is awakening right on cue. As we received the final advisory on Tropical Storm Chantal in the North Atlantic a few days ago, Tropical Storm Dorian was taking shape roughly 1,500 miles to the south in the […]

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Wildfire Outlook and Future Problem Areas – August, 2019

By: - August 22nd, 2019

While the global insurance industry seems to be eyeing every cloud mass in the Atlantic Ocean for the development of the next possible named storm and what might unfold in terms of overall activity and landfalls, the industry should also pay attention to a different type of weather forecast. Some […]

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BMS Tropical Update – August 13th

By: - August 13th, 2019

It’s been a while since the last BMS Tropical Update on July 11. That update focused on Tropical Storm Barry, which eventually made landfall along the central Louisiana coastline as a minimal Category 1 hurricane. Even though it was a disheveled mess of a storm, it still caused nearly $100 […]

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Summary of IBHS Disaster Dynamics Academy – Evaluating Garage Doors as a Damage Amplifier

By: - July 25th, 2019

Most Americans have fallen in love with the automobile, which is why miles of roadways reach across the country and so many residential structures in the U.S. have garages to keep these assets safe and clean. However, garages can become major problems in high wind events. When the doors to […]

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BMS Tropical Update July 11th

By: - July 11th, 2019

As mentioned in the last BMS Tropical Update, a storm is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.  The National Hurricane Center has now named this system Tropical Storm Barry and expects it to potentially become a hurricane by Saturday and make landfall shortly thereafter, with possible impacts along the coasts […]

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