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California Columbus Day Firestorm

By: - October 12th, 2017

Although October is usually known for Atlantic hurricane activity and sometimes a second peak of severe weather that can occur as summer wanes, this month is also the height of the California wildfire season, which typically runs from spring to late fall. Unfortunately, it should be no surprise that this […]

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BMS Tropical Update 10/07/2017 11 AM CDT

By: - October 7th, 2017

Last night at 11:30 PM EDT, the NHC upgraded Nate to hurricane status about 18 hours ahead of when it was originally predicted to become a Category 1 storm. This is now the first time since 2012 that more than nine hurricanes have developed in one season. This is also […]

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BMS Tropical Update 10/06/2017 12 PM CDT

By: - October 6th, 2017

Nate’s overall structure is finally beginning to improve, based on satellite imagery and observation from a hurricane hunter aircraft. Strong thunderstorms have developed over/near the center of the system, and organized outflow is developing in the upper levels. Banding structures are now beginning to organize around the system. This is […]

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BMS Tropical Update 10/05/2017 10 AM CDT

By: - October 5th, 2017

Tropical Depression 16 has been upgraded as of this morning to Tropical Storm Nate, but it remains poorly organized as it interacts with the Central American coastline. Nate’s center is now just off the Nicaraguan coast. A well-defined core has not yet emerged at this stage, and any banding features […]

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BMS Tropical Update 10/04/2017 9 AM CDT

By: - October 4th, 2017

Despite the lull in new activity since September 16, the hurricane season is not over yet. This is not a surprise, as even the very active year of 2005 had periods of inactivity. As I last talked about in my September 25 update, the next area to watch for tropical […]

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BMS Tropical Update 9/25/2017 12 PM CDT

By: - September 25th, 2017

Maria is weakening at a greater pace than previously thought, and it will now likely have little impact on the insurance industry as it stays a safe distance from land and begins to race across the Atlantic on Wednesday. This is great news and should provide the insurance industry with […]

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BMS Tropical Update 9/24/2017 10 AM CDT

By: - September 24th, 2017

Maria Still Has A U.S. Landfall Threat I just wanted to provide a quick weekend update on Hurricane Maria and discuss the final end game that will play out this week as it slowly tracks northeast of the Bahamas.  Maria is currently located 300 miles northeast of Great Abaco Island and moving […]

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BMS Tropical Update 9/20/2017 4 PM CDT

By: - September 20th, 2017

2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Records Continue To Fall The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, which has already been memorable, continues to create long-lasting memories which will likely be talked about for decades. The newest talking point is Maria’s landfall at 6:35 this morning near Yabucoa, Puerto Rico. Maria arrived as a […]

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BMS Tropical Update 9/18/2017 12 PM CDT

By: - September 18th, 2017

Although there are no current threats to the U.S. mainland, I would like to provide a brief update on the thoughts that were discussed in Friday’s Tropical Update. Below are a few key points about each tropical system: Tropical Depression (TD) Lee: TD Lee is currently 1060 miles west of […]

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BMS Tropical Update 9/15/2017 12 PM CDT

By: - September 15th, 2017

More Tropical Troubles First and foremost, I had previously mentioned several times I thought the Atlantic Basin would shut down for a few weeks due to the suppression phase of the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO). Unfortunately, the MJO is currently in a weakened state and the large-scale subsidence is not strong […]

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