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Analytics Feature – Asset classes & the MPL insurer

Mike Larson, BMS EVP and Head of Actuarial Services featured the Physician Insurer Magazine discussing the role of various asset classes in the portfolio of an MPL insurer.

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Reprinted from the first Quarter 2012 issue of Physician Insurer Magazine, Physician Insurers Association of America. Copyright, 2012.

BMS’s role in the Movies

BMS has been involved in film insurance for many years and is another example of the diversity and breadth of expertise that the Group encompasses.

During the early 1990s, BMS became involved in film completion bonds, which are a bond issued to a film producer which guarantees that a film will be made on time and on budget. Adam Leegood, Director BMS Property & Casualty, is joined by independent film producer Richard Holmes, to discuss film bonds and the full story behind BMS’s role in the movies:


ILW buyers becoming sellers

Stefano Nicolini, SVP,  featured in a news piece in Intelligent Insurer Magazine commenting on how reinsurers who previously bought Industry Loss Warranties (ILWs) appear to now be turning into sellers as a response to the current market.

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