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Incorrect cargo reporting – Tim Paske, Reactions Magazine

BMS’ Marine and Energy expert Tim Paske was quoted in a recent Reactions Magazine article discussing  Insurers worries over incorrect cargo reporting.

Reinsurance Property and Casualty Director, Paske commented on the difficulty in quantifying aggregate dollar cargo exposures per vessel due to the reporting process.

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New Terrorism Consortium

BMS is pleased to announce that Tim Paske’s team has established a terrorism consortium on behalf of Channel Syndicate 2015.

The team will work closely with Head of Specialty at Channel Syndicate 2015 Grant Witheat. The consortium has a capacity of $27.5m and is able to write all classes of terrorism business both marine and non marine related.

Grant said:

The TCS Political Violence Consortium enables Channel to position itself as a valuable market leader for terrorism and political violence business within Lloyd’s. BMS have provided Channel with the mechanism to fulfill our potential.”


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Mexican Wave – Tim Paske explains the offshore risks in the Gulf of Mexico

Tim Paske features in the Insurance Insider – Global Energy & Power Market Review 2011.  The Gulf of Mexico is unique, both in its vulnerability to hurricane damage and its offshore risks. Tim explains the way risks are placed in the Gulf and the wider implications of the already busy 2011 catastrophe year.

Visit the Insurance Insider website for the full article.