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New BMS creative brings brand to life at NAMIC Annual Convention 2013

What makes BMS the reinsurance advisor clients want to work with time and again? Creative, custom solutions and a caring, entrepreneurial spirit. We think fast, but never wing it.

Want to feel it? Play the Video:


VIDEO: BMS Analytical Services – Innovative Solutions

Julie Serakos, Head of Cat Modeling, discusses the importance of the innovative solutions that the BMS Cat Analytics offering provides to clients and the proactive attitude that ensures this department of experts gives the client exactly what they need and more.


AM Best Video MPL Market – Mike Hollenbach & Sean McDermott

BMS’ EVP Specialty Casualty, Mike Hollenbach and SVP, Sean McDermott featured in an AM Best Video discussing topics around the state of the medical professional liability market, including what consumers are talking about and the implications of the Affordable Care Act on physicians’ practices.

Click here to view the full ‘Regulatory Preview’ video  on the AM Best Video Center.

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BMS’s role in the Movies

BMS has been involved in film insurance for many years and is another example of the diversity and breadth of expertise that the Group encompasses.

During the early 1990s, BMS became involved in film completion bonds, which are a bond issued to a film producer which guarantees that a film will be made on time and on budget. Adam Leegood, Director BMS Property & Casualty, is joined by independent film producer Richard Holmes, to discuss film bonds and the full story behind BMS’s role in the movies:


Carl Beardmore & Paul Vincent discuss the story behind the 2010 financial figures

BMS announces its promising 2010 financial figures, a £10m three year revolving credit facility agreed with Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets to support investment and an agreement with its only external shareholder AHJ Holdings Ltd (AHJ), to buy back their shareholding, positioning BMS for growth.