We're only human after all and sometimes things don't always go according to plan!

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  • One evening after 5:30pm when most people had already gone home, David Sullivan got his tie stuck in the shredder. As luck would have it he was within reach of a phone and Carole who was still on reception was able to save him.
  • In the Early 90s the business expanded into Eastern Europe. One of his first trips a member of staff went to Kaliningrad which had an Eastern port which was free of ice all year round. Shipping fleet there, came away with an order on that fleet. Went back to do first renewal and went to a restaurant where they were served ostrich, crocodile, bear and kangaroo – turned out to be the animals from the local zoo which was closing down. Went to get a flight back and it was cancelled as the guy had bought the aeroplane, flight cancelled. During the trip, also slept on an ironing board in place of passenger ship.