Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab brings together individuals from across BMS to help drive change and innovation within the company and wider insurance industry.

In 2018, BMS launched its Innovation Lab — a forum for piloting new ideas. In the first year, we focused on adding Design Thinking to our toolkit across the business. We ran ideation workshops, we piloted, tested, and rolled out new tools and processes to our brokers and operations teams.

In 2019, the Lab became a more concrete part of what differentiates us. We work with clients to bring new technologies to the table to enhance the BMS offering both in Wholesale Insurance and Reinsurance.

In 2020, we’re bringing promising insurtechs into an actual Lab.

While the BMS platform continues to grow even without the latest AI-placement algorithms or drone-based claims adjusters, we know that advancements such as these will eventually set the new standard for insurance services.

Our Lab will introduce insurtech to the real challenges of a complex insurance broker and BMS will be exposed to entrepreneurs and technologies which will shape the future of insurance.

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